"RED SOFT" and "NCSD" conducted software compatibility tests

"RED SOFT" and "National Center for Support and Development" ("NCSD") announced the successful testing of two products from the developers' lines: RED OS ("RED SOFT" company) and MSVSfera Infooborot ("NCSD" company). Tests confirmed successful installation and running of the content management system MSVSfera Infooborot under RED OS operating system.
This testing opens a new level of the cooperation of two companies that have long time partnership history.
RED OS is a multiuser, multitasking operating system based on the Linux kernel and the RPM-based package set, which operates on a wide range of server and workstation hardware platforms available in the market, providing a universal trusted environment for the use of application software and includes muliple services and applications.
MSVSfera Infooborot is a scalable content management platform designed to create enterprise-level information systems of the wide range of functionality, developed with the use of modern cloud technologies and provided with an integrated modules set that allows to automate the management of documents, archives, business processes, web content and teamworking.